Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Arriving to Tamaki College was scary. We waited in front of the tech block until Mr Moses led us to the Tamaki College Library to have free time before we had to assemble in the auditorium. It made me realise that I will soon be here next year and as more and more students from other intermediates appeared I got even more nervous.

All the year eights from Glenbrae and also other near intermediates were seated and we were then spoken to by a lady named Mrs Moore. Everyone was split into groups that had 2 student leaders from Tamaki College for each. I was put in a group named PEM and my leaders were John, head boy of Tamaki College and a year nine named Junior.

My first class was music with Mr Telefoni. We played games about different kinds of sounds. We had to create beats with different genres and using some of the instruments in the class. It was a really good experience in music and made me think of taking this class next year.

For the rest of the day I had more exciting classes such as Social Studies, Science, Maths and English. I also met teachers at Tamaki College that I will probably see again next year.

The Tamaki College Catering class provided us with morning tea and lunch. I also got to socialize with the other students from different schools and I hope that I see them again.

Year 8 open day was a great experience because I got a little understanding of what college is like. It made me realise that I will soon be here next year which frightens me but I am still so excited.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Today, I watched a video on the world war 2. The video was a documentary. Just giving us a brief look, on what happened in world war 2. They showed this play, that had been performed, It was about  the pasifika that served in the 28th Maori battalion, It was a story that was inspired from the past. Men who fought in the war, and survived, talked and shared their experience. WW2 was started, by Germany attacking Poland. Britain and France had declared war on Germany, because Adolph Hitler, refused to abort his invasion on Poland.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

My Day.

" Get up, Get up" Yelled Mele. Waking up at 8am in the morning was the worst feeling. I was so, very tired. Trying to keep my eyes open.  Get ready, yelled my mum. I got up. Tried my best to stay awake, Everyone was done, we got into the car. Ti (step dad), Dropped, My mum, Mele, Salote, Moira and I to Aunty, Moira's house, while Ti went to work. We had stayed there for a little while, waiting for our Aunty, Andronicus, Pinomi, and Henry to get ready. Next we all hopped into the big van and were off. First we had made a few stops at some houses, then to the petrol station, but finally, we were off to our Nana's house. 

When we finally arrived to Nana's house, My mum and Aunty, Dropped us kid's off while they went and looked for a present for our new born baby cousin, who was in hospital, (she was born yesterday). 
Us children had stayed here with our grandpa's sister, Telema. We watched T.v, Played outside, well, we did whatever kid's do.

A few hours later, My Grandpa, and Nana had arrived, with a load of shopping. We all helped to bring it inside, and we worked as a team. After we had finished bringing it in, Mum and Aunty Moira showed up. They picked up my oldest sister's Anaise and Tatiana, to go to the hospital, to see the new baby. 

Before, my mum and Aunty left, My mum reminded us kid's to get our clothes ready for tonight, Becuase tonight, were going to a "Hansel and Gretel" play. 
So that has been my day. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Today, I read an artical, on the Nz Herald.
A auckland women has been sent to jail, for, bringing Thai worker's, to New Zealand, to work as massage therapist, and then she had encouraged, one to becom a prostitute.

Today's Word Problem.

Question: Jeff swims 20 laps every day, How many laps will he swim in six weeks?

Working out: 1.  20 x 7 = 140
2. 20 x 7 = 140
3. 20 x 7 = 140
4. 20 x 7 = 140
5. 20 x 7 = 140
6. 20 x 7 = 140

Add all six of the 140, which equal, 840.

Answer: Jeff swims 840 laps, in 6 weeks.

I felt that this problem, was not that easy, but I liked it, because, it really got my brain working.

Fractions Game.

Today. I played a fraction game, called Fraction Splat. This game is a fraction game, The level I played on was, Simple fractions. This game really helped me to see how much I know my fractions. My score I had gotten was, 70 points, out of 250.\

Here is the link for the game, if you want to play it. I hope you enjoy this movie, as I did.

My Day.


Woke up this morning, feeling very happy, Got out of bed, brush my teeth, had breakfast, and had gotten ready. When we, Mele, Salote, Mum, Ti, and Moira, had finished getting ready, we hopped in the car, and zoomed off. We had arrived at the papatoetoe library. We got out, with excitement, and ran into the library. While we were in the library, my, sister's, had gone off and played with some other children, while I sat and, read.

After, we were finished at the library, we all went back home, and quikly got changed into our swimming togs. We hopped back into the car, and traviled to the paptoetoe pools. We all had a swim, except for my mum. Mele, Salote and I were practicing our, Backstrocks, and Free Styling. 
Then when we had finished, we went to the park and had a little play.
Later on, we went to the bakery, and got some, hot cross bun's, and went home, and had a tea.

When we finished our tea, we, had a little sleep, and then we woke up and watched movies. Then we had mashed potatos, and stir fry for dinner.

Saturday, 11 April 2015


Today, I played a maths game, called STOP THE CLOCK.  There were 4 different clocks, and you had to write what time it said. There was a timer and the time I had got was 12, which was my best score, and best time.

Good Friday

Good Friday.

Good Friday, It was friday morning, Woke up at about 11:00 pm. I had gotten out of bed, First I went for a shower, brushed my teeth and got ready for the day, I went and had breakfast, For breakefast I had scrambled eggs, milo, and toast. When I was finished having dinner I sat down with the family in our living room and watched, t.v. We watched t.v for about an hour or so, when my mother arrived, She arrived with some easter eggs, We were enjoying our easter eggs, when My uncle Tonga came, We played out side, then came in and had a shower, It was about 3:00 and My mother asked if we wanted to go over too her house, so we said yes, But unfortunitly, my mother had a small car, so my uncle said, that he would take some of us.

We were on our way to my mum's house, I was seated in my uncles car, we went to pick up, my odest sister Anaise, who spent the night at her frineds house, When we had finally reached mum's house, we watched t.v all day, untill, we finally went to sleep, at 10:00.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Kiwi Can.

Last week Thursday, room 10 visited, Kiwi Can in room 11, after morning tea. Mrs Tofa, spoke to us before we entered room 11 and told us to try to be on our best behaviour, because it was the last session and we wanted to get the most points to earn the prize.

We walked into room 11 and we were seated in a big circle, we talked about our topic for the day and our topic was “Empathy”. Mr Numia went around and asked us what we thought Empathy was. Some people put their thumbs up, but then after they had finished, Miss Tuia, told us what it meant, It meant “ To feel sorry for someone”. We split up in 4 groups, and Mr Numia asked us to plan a skit, to show how we show empathy for someone, He went around and gave every group a paper that had what we were going to do, He gave us a paper which said, A friend broke her/his arm at lunch time, what can we do to show empathy, Taoula was the one who broke her arm, and everyone in the group had a part to play and showed empathy, When all was finished, we got back into our circle and had a game of GKQ (General Knowledge Questions), When we finished our GKQ, We were down to doing our points. Our total score for our points was 130. So we had one, every one in room 10 was filled with joy, and had smiles.


Yesterday, Triangles had done a maths problem. The Maths problem was, Piri, Maia and Ollie are planning to make pikelets for afternoon tea. The recipe needs 3/4 cup of milk to make a batch of 25 pikelets. How many cups will they need to make 100 pikelets?
This is my working out.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


The brachiosaurus is a herbivore (plant eater) dinosaur. It feeds on plants and tops of tall tree. The brachiosaurus swallows it food whole, without chewing. The brachiosaurus digests its food in its guts.

A brachiosaurus is one of the most largest dinosaurs. It has 4 huge legs. A very long neck, but a tiny head, and a long tail. The brachiosaurus nose is on the very top of it head. It has chisel like teeth and its front legs are way bigger than its back. A brachiosaurus is supposedly 40-50 feet tall, it has a bulky body. The Brachiosaurus name means “arm reptile”.

The brachiosaurus lived way back in the late Jurassic period, It lived on this earth 156-145 million years ago, with other reptiles.

It lived in the in, North America and Tanzania in the USA. A few of the brachiosaurus fossils were found without the head.

The brachiosaurus defended itself by simply smashing its predators with it tail or feet because it had no other way to defend itself. The brachiosaurus weighed between 60,000 and 170,000 pounds, which means it was the largest dinosaur to ever live. Because of its huge size, it was very difficult for other prey or larger predators to attack, even though it was one of the most least intelligent dinosaurs.

MADD Workshop.

Today, we had MADD workshop. The topic we talked about was “ Talents and Skills”. Petia was the only one there, First Petia welcomed us and we started talking about Talents and Skills. We talked about famous people with lots of skills and talents, Like, Paris Global and SBW (Sonny Bill Williams), We talked about their talents, Like what they had to do get where they were, and do what they can do. Petia then showed us some quotes on paper, One of my favourite quotes I saw was “ NO is Knowledge” and “10,000 Hours”. I liked those quotes because, “ No is knowledge” really pushes people, to keep doing what they loved, and 10,000 hours, it took that many hours for the stars to make it, why can’t we?. He then sent us in groups. I was in a group with Fusi, Mata, Kyana, and Manuae. Petia told us to practice a skit/play and perform it in front of everyone. We all did our skits, Moses and his group did a skit about, playing rugby, the message there was, One boy did not train, but when it came to the real thing, he did not know what to do. Then it was our turn. We did a play that was about the quote “ No is knowledge”. We had Fusi audition for New Zealand got talent, and the rest of us were the judges, Fusi first came and was terrible, we said no, The year later Fusi came back and she was, well, the best. When we had finished, the other teams went, Petia said when we all finished, that our team was the best. Then Petia drew a chalk art and it was Wonder woman. I felt that session was really cool, and the quotes were very meaningful.

Term 1 at GBS

Term 1 of school has been a bumpy ride. Good stuff has happened, and so has some bad, and ugly stuff. The topic for this term was Dinosaurs. In term 1 Glenbrae school went on a journey to butterfly creek to learn more about our subject, dinosaurs. We had a great time at butterfly creek and learnt so much. We had came back from butterfly creek and put our information into presentations, so that we could share it with the world and our families.

Some students from Glenbrae School, were very lucky and got chosen to go on Saturday with teachers from Glenbrae to a cricket tournament at Eden Park. It was a match against, South Africa and Pakistan. South Africa was our second team that we were cheering for, after the Black Caps. We travelled by bus to Eden park, where we were dropped off, we had to take a 10 minute walk to get to the station we were supposed to be at. As we were walking, we were surrounded by people in light green t-shirts who were cheering for Pakistan, and others in dark green t-shirts, who were cheering for South Africa. When we had got to our places we sat down. That day was such a blast, some of us even lost our voices, cheering so loud, but at the end of the day we were all happy and so proud of South Africa, Even though we never won, South Africa did their best.

This term hasn’t been all that good, we’ve had some down parts at Glenbrae School, but this term has been o.k. This term the year 7 & 8 had technology at Tamaki College. It’s very useful at technology, because it teaches us how to make stuff. Tech at Tamaki college is awesome because it give us the opportunity to do some things that we are not able to do at our own school. We finish tech at 10:45, and we walk back to school, when we reach school, the bell rings and it is morning tea.

At Glenbrae, we have been doing a MADD (Music - Arts - Drama - Dynamics) Messenger program in term 1, This program has helped us through self confidence, and to believe in ourselves. One day in our MADD workshop there were quotes on the ground and every one had to go read one, and pick out their favourite. The quote that I had picked out was “ put your quote here “ I really liked that quote because, it really spoke to me, It told me to be glad with my failure, I have so much more times to get this right. I felt that it was telling me to be happy, even if I fail, failure is just another step in life. Every time we had the MADD work shop the guy, Petia, would always draw, a chalk art, he would draw a superhero, Superman, Iron man, Captain America.. and lots more. He drew the super heroes to inspire us

Term 1 we had been doing so much fun things, Water fun day, In the beginning of term 1 the whole of Glenbrae School had a water fun day. Kowhai (Yellow), Kauri (Green), Nikau (Blue), and Rata (Red) are our 4 houses. We all split up in our classes, and went to a station, there were stations all around the school, with fun activities, that involved water. Every house was all dolled up dressed in their beautiful house colours, I was dressed in yellow, cause Kowhai is my house. Each house, changed each other and had to collect an amount of water and fill up their bins. The house with the most water in it would be the winners, Eventually, everybody had done all the activities there was, so we gathered around and Mrs Tofa, called out the winners. At the end, we were all proud, even if we never came first.

Term 1 has been awesome, we did much more educational and fun stuff, I hope we can do even more in term 2 at GBS (Glenbrae School).