Thursday, 28 June 2012

Room Tens Rotation

Hello everybody. Would you like to hear about Room Ten's Cultural Rotation???

Today room ten went and traveled around the school going to different classes. The first class we went to was the Netherlands class who was room one. We learnt so many interesting facts about the Netherlands like people in the Netherlands wear different kinds of shoes called Klompets. They are made out of wood.They are made out of wood because their land is below the water and it gets very wet.

After we visited room one we went to all the other  classes and found out so many interesting things about different cultures in our school.

a Klompet

Friday, 8 June 2012

My Mihih

Ko hoku Mo’uga Ko Mount Wellington
Ko hoku vaitafe Ko Tamaki river
Ko’eku kui Tagata Ko Malakai
Ko’eku kui fefine ko Salote
Ko hoku fonua ko New Zealand
’Oku ou nofo’i Glen Innes Auckland
Ko hoku higoa ko ‘Ateliana Eniketi F.