Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Financial Literacy!

This morning room 10 had Financial Literacy session with Rachel. We talked about who we trusted to lend stuff to. I was part of a skit the Rachel asked us to do. Me, Voni, Baden and Alisi were chosen. Voni and I were partners and we did our skit. There were 2 skits, first skit was about actually being responsible and giving the stuff back on the right time, and skit 2 was about being irresponsible and giving it back broken and wrong time. We then focused on credit, bad credit. We talked about it and ways to get your credit back. Then she handed us fill in the black sheets and we done it, She gave us had out sheets, and that was the end of our session, she said she will be back on Friday.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Stardome Trip!

Glenbrae School's senior block visited stardome. Before we left to stardome, the whole senior block had Dance Fever. We had our session together because of the trip to stardome. After Dance Fever we boarded onto the bus, Room 7 and 8 had gone on 1 bus and Room 10 and 9 were seated on the other bus.

It took us a while to reach our destination, Stardome, but eventually we got there. First we all had our morning tea, then Room 7 and 8 went into Stardome first. While they went in my class room 10 and room 9 played outside to build time as room 7 and 8 were in there. We played on the park there, and on the field grass. We stayed outside for a long amount of time until Mrs Raj called us inside.

As we walked inside Stardome, it was very cool and dark, We walked past some cool pictures and displays on the walls. Mrs Raj then asked us students to please place our bags in the the cage. A man named Tim than introduced him self and he took us into the Space room. A whole lot of questions were asked by our students, to Tim. Tim was very smart and answered all our questions - well it's sort of his job to know everything about space.. right? - It went really well inside the space room, and everybody learn't a lot and at the same time had so much fun.

Next Tim said that we could have free time to look around at all the amazing displays. He gave us simple rules to follow and I think we all did great to follow them. Tim then came and opened a door to a room, we were going into the planetarium room to see the show. The show was very fascinating and I had learnt a lot about our galaxy.

I had so much fun at Stardome.


Arriving to school on Tuesday, 13 with all my luggage for camp was tiring, and exciting. Walking through the school gates I was so elevated to be finally going to camp for the first time. Everyone put their bags down in front of the school hall and went inside of the hall. Some of the teachers spoke and then the year 7 and 8 assembled to the bus. As we walked out of the hall we took our bags and put them under the bus. Then we walked onto the bus and were all seated.

The bus ride was very long it took us almost 6 hours to get to Waitangi, although we did take 3 stops so that makes sense. Our first stop was in Whangarei where we took a lunch break and played for a bit. We then were on our way, we drove for about an hour until we stopped in Ruapekapeka, Ruapekapeka is a pa, a maori battlefield with a shattered old cannon. In Ruapekapeka there are a lot of trenches there from when there was war. When we had enough time at Ruapekapeka we left. Our final stop was in Kawakawa where there is a beautiful bathroom there. Then we hopped on the bus and were on our way to Waitangi.

Looking outside of the window driving along Paihia, seeing the beautiful beaches. Once we reached our destination we all were jumping with joy. We all then ran out of the bus and were so excited. We then played on the massive field of waitangi which was awesome. Then we walked to the front of the marae and waited to be welcomed by a lady who took care of the wonderful marae. Once the lady gave a beautiful welcoming we took our shoes off and entered the marae. Then a man, Ti Tiki Wiko said a speech, he told us a bit about himself too. Then Mr Nath, a teacher from our school represented us by saying a few words in his language, Fijian. Once that was all done we walked to the Whare Kai - Kitchen - and they had prepared some snacks for us to eat.

The next day we all woke up happy. We had our breakfast and had gotten changed into our casual clothes. Once we all were finished getting ready we packed our lunch and assembled to the front of the maarae. Everyone was so excited to be going on an adventure to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Once all of us were ready we started to walk - because the treaty grounds weren't so far away from where we were staying -. Finally we reached our destination the treaty grounds. As we walked with a man who was our tour guide we saw a beautiful waka called the Ngatokimatawhaorua which the queen of England calls HMS - Her Majesty's Ship -. We were then welcomed by a lady and man. We then wandered around the place and saw amazing stuff. We visited the Busby Residence, and the Maori Meeting house across from it. I had learn’t a lot about the treaty of waitangi when we visited those awesome places. When we came back from the treaty grounds we had half an hour to play out of the field then have a shower, eat dinner then bed time.

On Friday we went Kayaking. We were all split up in two groups. 1 group was the first group to be going kayaking and the 2nd group was the group that was riding on the boat. I was in the 2nd group so I was on the boat. We went on the boat until we came too Haruru falls then swapped around. Group 1 went in the boat and group 2 went on the kayaks. Kayaking was very fun also very tiring. You had to yous a lot of muscle to row. My partner I went kayaking with was my friend Manuae. We flipped the boat numerous of times, but at the end of the day we got the hang of kayaking. It was a very fun experience and I wish to go back there one day. When we came back to the Marae we had done our daily routine and then headed off to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early, everyone was so sad because it was our last day there in Waitangi. We packed our clothes and then packed away our beds. Everybody helped to clean up the marae. Students were sent out to clean up the field of the marae. Everyone took the luggage and placed them on the ground next to the bus. Our bus driver then packed it into the bus while everyone was helping to clean. Then we got into the bus and were off.

Our journey back to Auckland had just began! On our way to Auckland we made 3 stops. On the bus our awesome bus driver had played the avatar movie so we could watch it on our way back home. Camp was a very fun and exciting journey for me. I had so much fun, and as Miss Elia said, camp was a trip of a lifetime for me.

                                                       THE END!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Technology Reflection.

We had technology at Tamaki College today. As usual the year 8 were with Mr Pineda in Graphics. Today in graphics we carried on some work we did last week Friday. Mr Pineda gave me a paper with a cut out box on it. I cut out some fruit designs and nutritious facts and stuck it onto my paper. Then I went to the light box and started tracing a cool boarder for my box. After a while Mr Pineda we noticed that Mr Piieda had played our Maniakalani movie. Then the bell went and we were off.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Dance Fever Reflection!

Today after Kiwi can, Room 10 had Dance Fever with lieutenant and Rach. Today in Dance Fever we just went over our Hip Hop and our Samba. We learn't new steps for both the dances. In Samba we learn't new steps called 'The Walt'. It was very fun with my partner. He was really good at dancing. When we had finished we learn't one of lieutenant's favourite move the Barrow Roll.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today after morning tea room 10 had Kiwi Can in room 11 with Mr Numia and Miss Tuia. Our theme in Kiwi Can is respect. First we started off with our energiser. Our energiser was an instruction game. We were split up in groups of 4-5. One person from a group was a leader, there job was to go up get instructions and tell the group. After our energiser we talked about Respect and what it is. Next we finally did our activity. Our activity was ‘Human knot’. Mr Numia separated the class into 2 groups. Human knot was very fun. My team had untangled ourselves easily. But the other team took for ages to untangle. Finally we were finished. We finished our session off with GKQ. Mr Numia gave us our points and then we said goodbye and came back to room 10.

Friday, 23 October 2015


This morning the year 7-8 from Glenbrae School went to Tamaki College for technology. The year 8 students have graphics with Mr Pineda. Today we drew stencils for our t-shirts!