Thursday, 12 March 2015

Our Culture

Today Wednesday 11th of March 2015 we, room 9 and 10 of Glenbrae School had Pitia and Leah (Caroline was out somewhere so Leah took over) visited us for MADD ( Music-Arts-Drama-Dynamics) messenger workshop. The topic we talked about by being proud of our culture and just being ourselves.

We were split into groups of our ethnicity like Tongans, Samoans, Cook Islanders, Maoris,Niueans, and Africans. I was in the Tongan group, because i’m a tongan. We sat in a circle and Leah came around and gave us a piece of paper and a pen. We had to answer questions like, What culture are you, What's your greeting and other things that important to our culture. When we answered the questions Pitia came and asked all of the groups if we could practice an item to show everyone that represents our culture. We practiced singing a song called Ta Koe Sola.

Then Pitia and Leah called all groups to come forward to the front of the hall.
We sat in a semicircle, first Petia called up south africa, Samuel was the only African so he stood up. When Samuel stood up and read his piece of paper I was very proud of him, because he had the courage to stand up and speak in front of everyone.  Then Petia called up the Niuean. They talked to us about their country and all sorts of gestures and traditional celebrations they do. Then the Niuean boys, Bono, Joseph and Justin did a very cool item which represented their island. Up next was Samoa, they said their part and did the siva tau, a Samoan item, then the cook Islands came up, They talked to us about some traditions about cook island, then, it was Tonga tapus turn. As we were walking up I felt a bit nervous, we walked up stood there and Alisi talked about our celebrations, and traditions that we have. We sang our song Ta koe sola and we were done. Next came the Tangata whenua/Maoris, they showed us what a hongi is and a pukana, which were all part of their culture.

We were finished, Petia talked to us about the meaning of that activity. When we're doing that activity I felt very proud about who I stood for, and what my culture is, I felt very confident about who I was and what culture I am in.  I was also very happy that I learnt about other cultures and what their traditions are. Then Petia did a chalk art for us and he drew Hulk. While he was drawing, a song named “don’t  forget your roots” came on, The song was very meaningful, because the lyrics told me not to forget where I come from and who I am.
When we were finished we went back to class. We really had lot of fun and we learnt about not only our culture but also the culture of others.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Facts about Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs - Fact or Fiction?
What is a dinosaur?
Dinosaurs were reptiles, most hatched from eggs and none of them could fly or live under water. There are two types, of dinosaurs, Herbals and Carnivals.
When did they live?
Dinosaurs excited long time ago in the 230 - 60 millions of years ago. In a time they could Mesozoic Era before the first humans arrived.
Why can’t we see one today?
We can not see one today because all dinosaurs are extinct and some are fossils.
Did dinosaurs live in NZ?
Yes, some dinosaurs lived in New Zealand, because they found some fossils.
How do we know dinosaurs lived on earth?
They know that dinosaurs lived on earth because of all the fossils that they found.
Who discovered dinosaurs?
William Buckland was the founder of dinosaurs.
What types of dinosaurs were there?
Theropods - which were the types that ate meat and moved only on two legs, eg T-Rex, Sauropods, these types of dinosaurs were plant eating dinosaurs, which also walked on four legs unlike Theropods. Thyreophora was another type of dinosaur, these types of dinosaurs were herbivores and lived from the early Jurassic to the late Cretaceous.
What does the word ‘dinosaur’ mean?
”A person or thing that is outdated obsolete because of failure to adapt to changing circumstances”
What are some movies about dinosaurs you know?
Jurassic World, Jurassic Park, Ice age ( Dawn of the dinosaurs ).
Do you believe dinosaurs lived on the earth a long time ago? Why?
I don’t know if I do or if I don’t, because I'm Christian and my beliefs are that God made this world and dinosaurs are made up. But then on the other hand I kind of do believe that dinosaurs did exist because of all the fossils that were found.
What evidence is there that dinosaurs existed before?
The evidence is the fossils of the dinosaurs that were found.
What does the word extinct mean?
The word extinct means that there are no more living members of that kind.