Friday, 6 December 2013


This is a site that my class room 7 go on.The site is called Study ladder, this site is a maths, writing and reading site it will help you learn a lot.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to make gummy bear popsicles

Purpose:How to make gummy bear popsicles.

Ingredients:Bottle of sprite
                 A Packet of gummy bear
                       Ice block container

Step By Step:

1.Take the gummy bears and put any amount into your container.
2. Then when you have finished putting your gummy bears in pour the sprite in until it is half nearly full.
3. Put in the freezer for 5 to 6 mins.

Now you can enjoy some delicious ice blocks :-)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mother has $8 to feed her family

Mother has $8 to feed family

I kind of feel sorry for the mother with 2 teenagers because she can not feed her children.But then I don’t because she has enough money but she chooses to pay her mother back she could at least pay her mother little by little than she would have enough money. Its also dumb that she lives in a beachside house instead of selling it to someone who wants it to get money to buy food.

Monday, 18 November 2013

My Best Friend

Hair flows like the waves in the ocean
Eyes as brown as a trunk of a tree
Teeth as white as the clouds
Smile as beautiful as a rose

She’s as kind as an angel
She is cool like the water in a pool
She tried to read a book with a hook
She has a sense of humour and she never tells a rumour

She’s a star but not the colour of tar
She's brave and not afraid to go into a cave
She likes to sit under the tree but she never likes to feel fleas
She isn't  fake and she always helps her mum bake
She likes a horror and she loves to look in the mirror

She likes the beaches in Raro and likes to eat taro
She is from Vaini and when she was born she was very tiny
She can sing and owns lots of diamond rings
She is fast and never comes last

She likes the name Gin and always wins.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Vege Car

The Vege Car

W.A.L.T : Make a connection with the text.

The Vege Car story is about a man could James Nui who made a car that runs on Vegetable oil.If you use vege oil in your car it will not pollute the air that much and will save money.

Questions:Do you think this is an activity you would enjoy?
Answer:Yes,Because it would be fun working on a car with vegetable oil.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Less Than One Second

W.A.L.T : Comprehend the text.
The story that I read was called Less Than One Second and it is about Ashley and Shiree are racing car drivers.But the cars that they race weigh less than 150 grams each.Ashley and Shiree are the only children who are racing in the annual Slot Car Drag Racing Nationals in Nelson.Ashley and Shiree are competing against each other as well as against adult racers.

 Is it complicated to make the cars? Why?
Yes, Because you need a lot of tools and need the skills to work with the materials.

Do you think this is an activity you would enjoy?
Yes because I would like to learn how to make a slot car.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Me, Myeself and I

Full Name:Ateliana Fusi
Date of birth:29/08/2002
Where i was born:Auckland Hospital
Where i live:Heatherbank street
People in my family:Ruth,Anaise,Sami,Tatiana,Ateliana,Melenaite,Salote,Pinomi
I live with:Nana,Grandpa,Brothers and sisters
My Favorite pet:I would like a bunny and a horse
My Favorite food:Faikakai and Curry Chicken
My Favorite car:Audi,Hoden or a Ford
Favorite colour:Purple and Hot pink
Favorite singer:One direction and Ed Sheeran
Favorite subject at school:Maths
My Hobbies are:Netball,Singing and Dancing
Things i Like to Study are:Computers and Animals
If i had magic powers:I would love to be a Hybrid that is the name for a vampire and werewolf mixed.
If i could go anywhere in the world,I would go to:Australia or London.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Loopy Person

This week room 7 made a loopy person.Before we could put our body parts together we had to measure our self.When we were finished measuring our self we had to half our body parts when we were finished we measured half of our body parts on to a piece of paper.Then we had to colour in and then staple it together.Once we were finished we put our one on our wall in our class room.

Monday, 2 September 2013

News Artical I read today

A 3 week year old baby was serious injured in a violent incident this morning in Invercargill.Police and ambulance staff were called to a violent incident at a Princess Street address about 5.30am.The baby was in a critical condition in South land Hospital.Bruce Terry said Police inquiries are ongoing - it's very early on in the situation and we're just getting organised with the investigation and the ongoing work.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Persuasive Writing

The issue I am addressing is,Children should be able to work at the age of 8.

I disagree with the statement that children should be able to work at the age of eight. I know that children should not be able to work because if they work in the morning on school days they will feel exhausted and they won’t be able to think straight and learn anything.

Second, if they work on school days, they might not go back to school. They will just go and muck around.

Third some children are dishonest and they will steal from the  shop and won’t get into a good job when they are older.

Children at the age of eight should not be able to work because if the owner leaves them alone in the shop, the child might cause a fire or a hazard.

My point is children should not be allowed to work because they are too young to take that responsibility.

Friday, 9 August 2013

My week

This week Room 7 learnt how to play squash with a guy named Ricardo and a girl named Kirsten. We also learnt about the names of angels and how to draw angles.

In writing, we wrote a story about our Super cars. Today, Friday 9 of August, Ricardo split our class up into 4 groups and my group, was the winner at the end of the session.

I also read a book called Goosebumps Hall Of Horrors. I have not finished the book yet but the beginning is awesome.

Friday, 2 August 2013

My Holidays

My Holidays

On the first week of my holidays, it was very very boring because we did nothing. We just stayed home and watched tv. During the second week, it was so much fun. We spent time out south at my aunt's house.The next day we went to the museum. We had to wake up early so we could be at the museum early.When we got to the museum we all went up into the eating room and had a feed before we went and looked around at the cool stuff. When we finished eating, we packed up all our stuff and left to the first room of interesting facts and knowledge.

The first room was all about little insects and creepy crawlies. When I first walked into the room the first thing i went to was a sandpit what we had to make balls of sand and throw them at the little creepy crawlies but the crawlies weren't real. Next my sister decided to play a game where she told me to close my eyes and don’t peek. She sat me down and then told me to look up and open my eyes. All of a sudden, I got a huge fright because there were two real spiders right in front of me. Next I looked to the side and there were so many bugs on the wall. After that, we went to the volcano area and waited outside of the of the volcano house because we wanted to go in but there were too many people. Finally it was finished and it was our turn, we walked inside slowly, we all had to find a place to sit. My siblings and I were sitting in the front near the big screen while we waited for it to start. We all waited very quietly and all of a sudden, it finally started while the steam came up off the ocean. Everyone was very scared especially my little cousin. He was so scared because the room was shaking and it was very scary. Finally, it was all done. We were all exhausted by the end of the day and decided to go home.

When we arrived home my aunty said that she would go with my sister to buy some junk food for us to eat and watch a movie. While my Sister and Aunty were gone, My Mother and I were going through our  movies trying to decide which one to watch.Then my mum saw one movie called “Olympus Has Fallen” she opened it up on a new page and she let the movie load. When my Aunt and sister finally arrived, my aunty asked me  “Keti can you please warm up the Popcorn thanks?” When it was all done and dusted, I was finally able to relax and watch the movie with the rest of my family.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Housing Problem

On Taniwha and Fenchurch streets in Glen Innes, there was a Protest.
I never saw the protest but i heard about it. I heard that the reason why the government are taking down houses are because the people have not been paying their rent. So now the people who work for the government will be building big apartments and flats. They will also be building a new park in Glen Innes. Also the people who got kicked out of their houses they will have to find somewhere else to stay.The people working for the government will be taking down more houses if people still don’t pay for their rent for their houses.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Banana Cakes

Title:Banana Cakes
What you Need:        

1 Big Bowl
1 Small Bowl
1 Fork
2 Pan
1 tea spoon
1 large spoon                                   


4 bananas
1 packet of flour
Baking powder
2 eggs
1.First put half of the bag of flour into the big bowl and put a teaspoon of baking powder into the bowl next put a cup or half a cup into the bowl with the dry ingredients.
2.Peel the banana skins off and put the bananas into the small bowl then mix it with a fork until the bananas are soft and smooth.
3.Next when you are finished mixing the banana poor it into the big bowl with the dry ingredients.Then put a cup of milk into one of the pans and heat it up on the stove.Also wash the bowl the bananas were in.
4.Next in the bowl the bananas were in put crack both of the eggs into the bowl and mix it with the same fork.
5.Next take the milk of the stove and pour it into the big bowl.Next when you have finished pouring the milk in the bowl pour the eggs in at the same time you are mixing the mixture.
6.Next mix it till it a little watery and then put tablespoons of the mixture into the frying pan.

Conclusion:Enjoy Your Banana Bun
Pictures to go with the recipe

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Facts Dolphins


Do you know any sea animal that breathes air?

Did you know that a Dolphin is a sea animal that does not breath under water they have to hold their breath for a long time and they breath through their breathing hole on the top of their heads.They also are warm blooded and are mammals.They are native animals to New Zealand too.

Dolphins only attack you when they are scared and when they are trying to protect themselves or their young.They are scared of big killer whales and big sharks.When they are giving birth their baby are not in eggs they are just born in their natural selves.Dolphins live in a pods a pod is a family or group of Dolphins that live together.They have been known to save humans in a variety of circumstances including rescues and with fishing. .They can communicate through sounds and whistles this is called echolocation.They eats fish and squid.Dolphins also can go down 260m below the surface of the oceans.Dolphins are very intelligent because know how to do a lot of things and some Dolphins seem to be well loved by humans.This aquatic mammal has been fascinating us by a variety of different ways.They have strong bonds within their pods.There are 36 different species of dolphins that have been recognized.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tread Lightly Caravan

Following our 'Tread Lightly Caravan' experience the students of Room 7 decided to make a pledge. Change begins with one step in the right direction......we will all make a difference to save our planet Earth.

Monday, 20 May 2013

My Trip To Australia

One morning,

My sister and I were so excited to be flying to Australia.First it was early in the morning me and my sister had to get ready have a shower so we could get to the Airport fast.When everyone was ready we all hopped in the the van we took off fast,the van was full because there were a lot of people in our van because they wanted to say a goodbye to me and my sister.

Then we finally arrived at the Auckland Airport all of us got  out of the van with excitement.We finally took small steps into the Airport then we saw our Aunty Moira and went with her because she had our tickets. We were like running around the Airport because we had to do one thing then the other, it was so tiring.Next we went and sat down and my other Aunty. She brought us some KFC before we left then my mum came it was time for us to go.There was some tears but we were okay.Finally we walked through the door and walked through lots and lots of doors then we boarded our plane.

Finally we walked to our seat we sat down i wanted to  sit by the window but my sister  sat down near the window  first.We were flying on the plane it was a very long time we were on the plane i felt a bit dizzy so i went to the toilet when i went to the toilet i splashed water on my face and i felt a little better then i sat back down.
Time went bye and then the pilot said through his speaker “We will be landing the Gold Coast” I was so happy we were finally there it was my first time away from New Zealand so i was already missing New Zealand.Then our plane started zooming fast because we were about to land in AUSTRALIA.

Now it was time for us to hop of the plane,We walked down the stairs it was very loud because the Airplane engine was still on.Then we walked through the first door that had lead us through shops then to the bag claim i can't remember what it was called.Finally we could go out we went out we were looking everywhere for my auntie who we were staying with.Then i spotted a light blue t-shirt i was sure it was her then she looked at us we ran over and gave her a great big hug.

Then we walked down to the car and put our bags in the boot i hopped in and put my seatbelt on and then we left.While we were driving i could see all the land that wasn't full with houses and stuff.It was a very long time driving back to there home but the ride was so cool because we could see the beautiful sea and sand also we could see the big rides.

Then suddenly we came to a stop we had come to a house i didn't know if it was hers or someone else but it was my aunties it was a great big house it didn’t have upstairs but it was a very long house.Next we walked into our room and put our bags down we next walked into the living room where the a air conditioner was it was very hot in Australia i wanted to take off my t-shirt.Then she asked “are you guys hungry?” we both said yep we went and ate she pulled out a bag of chicken,bread and mayonnaise.

Next day she asked us if we would like to go to Movie World we said yes with excitement we all got changed very quick.Then we left in the car to Movie World when we got to movie world the first thing we did was give our pass then we got in next we all walked to a restaurant in there we went and ate we all had yummy food and nice cold drinks.After that we all went and walked around the first ride we  went on was the Scooby Doo ride it was very scary that i almost cried.Next we went on all the other ride the ride that was the most scariest was the green lantern ride i felt like crying and i felt so dizzy because we went upside down side to side twisted and turned it was so scary and fun at the same time.Then it was time for us to leave we we walked out of the gates and waited outside for someone to pick us up.Finally they came we hopped in and went we all were so tired so we all fell asleep.So that was my trip to Australia and after that we went to more cool theme parks,ate,slept and more.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Making Choeses


On Thursday 14 2013 room seven visited the life caravan for the last time.When we went into the Caravan our subject was about Making Chooses.First room seven watched a movie about a girl making a chose about smoking.Then Jenny shows us a video about Alcohol travailing throw the human body.Then Jenny Called me up to say were the alcohol go first.First i said '' First the alcohol goes throw the esophagus then travails throw the small intestines next it goes to the liver then the liver try to clean the alcohol and changes it to particles but some of the alcohol gets away and goes into the blood and to the brain.After that we saw Harold and he sang room 7 a song.Then we went to the swimming pools. 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Swimming Lesson

Repare 14 February 2013 room 7 went swimming with the swimming instructors at Glenbrae School pools.First  when we went to the pools the first thing we did was get dressed into our swimming tog.Then we had to line up on the side of the pools.Next 6 people got into the pools and had to go to an instructors.When it was my turn to get in to the pools i was freezing cold then we got under the water and i felt a little bit warmer.We did a little free style swimming then we got out and got changed the we went back to class.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Life Caravan

Today 13th February 2013 room 7 went to the life Caravan.When we walked up the steps and into the Caravan i felt a little chilly.Then we sat down and got a body piece the body part my group got was the stomach.When we got the body part jenny told room 7 that one of the members in our group had to say the mane meaning of what ever body part we had.The person that said the meaning was Tauola.Then we had to put our body pat on a statue i was the  person that put the stomach on the body.Then we went to class.

Monday, 4 February 2013

My Bio Poem

Adjectives that describe you Creative,Loving,Funny,A bit Annoying

Lover of...
Who feels...
Happy to see my Friends smiling and making people laugh.

Who wonders...
If cancer was cured.
Who fears...
Big Black spider,Dark Room.

Who would like to...
Meet One direction in real life and to go to there favorite singers concert.
Who is able to...
Write a story without any mistake.
Who dreams...
to live in a big mansion and to do the most scariest thing.

Who feels happy to see their friends smiling.
Who is able to write a story with no mistakes.
Lover of singing
Who dreams to live in a big Mansion
Creative and loving
Who fears Big Black spiders
Lover of Chocolate
Who would like to meet One Direction
Funny but a bit annoying
Who feels nice when you make someone laugh
Lover of School