Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Reading Activity.

Today I did a reading activity with my group Crusaders. We read a story about Kehu, Hero of early New Zealand. We had to answer these questions that were basted on the story.

What food did people eat in early New Zealand?
They ate Birds, Eels, Edible Fungus, Dog.
What clothing did they use for the cold?
They used flax to make sandals & they wore normal clothing.
What was the weather like when Kehu and their travel party were travelling?
The weather was on & off. It was mostly raining.
What year is the story set in?
The year that this story took place in was 1847.
What was New Zealand like at that time?
There was mostly land & bush. They were basically in the forest.
What are the two most important things for a bushman to know?
How to travel long distances on foot, carrying loads of heavy stuff & To find food in dense parts if the bush.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Report Writing. World War 1

World war 1.
First world war that happened.

Why did the World war 1 begin?
The beginning of world war 1, was caused by the slaughter of Franz Ferdinand archduke of Austria. The assassination of Franz. F was created by a nationalist of Serbia the 28th of June 1914.

Who was part of the world war 1?
Many countries were involved in the world war 1. Britain fought against Austria, Germany, and Turkey. But Britain needed more help, so they called along the ANZACS to help them push Turkey back. The ANZACS helped because Britain is our mother land.

When was the world war 1?
On July 28, 1914 the world war 1 began. It had finalized on November 11, 1918 when Germany and all allies surrendered and all nations had agreed to stop the war. June 28, 1919 Germany and its allies had signed the Treaty of Versailles, ending war.  
Where was the world war held?
World war one was fought on most of the contents of europe.
The Western Front was where most of the fights between Germany and Allies had happened.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Early childhood centre *Glenbrae kids*

Having the opportunity to go to the Early childhood centre and explore it was awesome. Meeting new children and communicating with them was very fun. In a group of 2, I was in a group with Tauola. We had 2 children in our group. Jay Jay & Logan. I had a lot of fun with them two. Reading books, playing with dinosaurs. They were quite shy in the beginning but once we got to know each other they were fun to communicate. Our time at the early childhood centre was amazing. I hope to go there again next time.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Motat Trip.

Arriving to our destination, MOTAT (Museum of Transportation and Technology) was crowded. Everyone hopped off the bus, smelling that awful gas from the bus. Feeling so excited.

Educator Katherine spoke to us as we arrived. All classes assembled in a little fale/hut. Room 10 then followed our educator Katherine to a room. The room we were in was filled with all sorts of communication stuff that would of been used in World War 1 or World War 2. Katherine then spoke to us about how that kind of technology was used back then. Katherine let us go around and touch the artifacts that were in the room.

Leaving the room in our 4 groups. I was put in a group with Miss Pierce. We wandered around Motat for a while. Going everywhere in Motat and learning about all the wonderful things. We came upon the Challenge Room, where we stopped and had a little play. The challenge room was very fun, all the activities we played was very exciting and educational at the same time.

Morning tea, and lunch time was well spent in the fale/hut. That was our time to chat and eat our lunch before we went off to discover more interesting things about Motat.

My favourite part, Out of the hole day in Motat would have to be the TRAM ride. The tram ride was very cool. We learnt were the Tram had originally came from Melbourne Australia. Riding in the tram was very awesome. We rode from Motat 1 all the way to Motat 2. The tram ride was a very awesome privilege we got.

Sadly our time at Motat was over. I had the most awesome time learning at Motat. I hope to go back there next time.

Friday, 1 May 2015

MADD Diary.

Today, 29.04.15, Room 9, and 10 had MADD program, with Petia. Todays lesson was about “personalities”. Petia  then drew on the canvas, 4 shapes, “ Triangles, Circle, Square, Squiggle, Rectangle”. Everybody had to choose a shape in their head. Then Petia split us up into four groups. I was in triangle, and I was the leader. The people in my group was, Mafua, Manuae, Jayden, Aarmione, and I. First, Petia called up the leaders, and gave us a piece of paper. Then I read the paper out loud to my group, We had to say, what was something, about the triangles, personality. All leaders, stood up with their groups and spoke about their groups, well triangles, personality. Triangles personality was, Leadership. Circle was next, their groups personality, was Caring, then was Squares, their personality was all about, Hardworking, and focused. After Squares, was Rectangle, They were, Experiencing, New stuff, Last but not least, was The Squiggle group, said that their group, was creativity. Then, we finished, and Petia, had finished with a great, chalk art. He had drawn Batman.