Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Me, Myeself and I

Full Name:Ateliana Fusi
Date of birth:29/08/2002
Where i was born:Auckland Hospital
Where i live:Heatherbank street
People in my family:Ruth,Anaise,Sami,Tatiana,Ateliana,Melenaite,Salote,Pinomi
I live with:Nana,Grandpa,Brothers and sisters
My Favorite pet:I would like a bunny and a horse
My Favorite food:Faikakai and Curry Chicken
My Favorite car:Audi,Hoden or a Ford
Favorite colour:Purple and Hot pink
Favorite singer:One direction and Ed Sheeran
Favorite subject at school:Maths
My Hobbies are:Netball,Singing and Dancing
Things i Like to Study are:Computers and Animals
If i had magic powers:I would love to be a Hybrid that is the name for a vampire and werewolf mixed.
If i could go anywhere in the world,I would go to:Australia or London.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Loopy Person

This week room 7 made a loopy person.Before we could put our body parts together we had to measure our self.When we were finished measuring our self we had to half our body parts when we were finished we measured half of our body parts on to a piece of paper.Then we had to colour in and then staple it together.Once we were finished we put our one on our wall in our class room.