Friday, 15 February 2013

Making Choeses


On Thursday 14 2013 room seven visited the life caravan for the last time.When we went into the Caravan our subject was about Making Chooses.First room seven watched a movie about a girl making a chose about smoking.Then Jenny shows us a video about Alcohol travailing throw the human body.Then Jenny Called me up to say were the alcohol go first.First i said '' First the alcohol goes throw the esophagus then travails throw the small intestines next it goes to the liver then the liver try to clean the alcohol and changes it to particles but some of the alcohol gets away and goes into the blood and to the brain.After that we saw Harold and he sang room 7 a song.Then we went to the swimming pools. 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Swimming Lesson

Repare 14 February 2013 room 7 went swimming with the swimming instructors at Glenbrae School pools.First  when we went to the pools the first thing we did was get dressed into our swimming tog.Then we had to line up on the side of the pools.Next 6 people got into the pools and had to go to an instructors.When it was my turn to get in to the pools i was freezing cold then we got under the water and i felt a little bit warmer.We did a little free style swimming then we got out and got changed the we went back to class.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Life Caravan

Today 13th February 2013 room 7 went to the life Caravan.When we walked up the steps and into the Caravan i felt a little chilly.Then we sat down and got a body piece the body part my group got was the stomach.When we got the body part jenny told room 7 that one of the members in our group had to say the mane meaning of what ever body part we had.The person that said the meaning was Tauola.Then we had to put our body pat on a statue i was the  person that put the stomach on the body.Then we went to class.

Monday, 4 February 2013

My Bio Poem

Adjectives that describe you Creative,Loving,Funny,A bit Annoying

Lover of...
Who feels...
Happy to see my Friends smiling and making people laugh.

Who wonders...
If cancer was cured.
Who fears...
Big Black spider,Dark Room.

Who would like to...
Meet One direction in real life and to go to there favorite singers concert.
Who is able to...
Write a story without any mistake.
Who dreams...
to live in a big mansion and to do the most scariest thing.

Who feels happy to see their friends smiling.
Who is able to write a story with no mistakes.
Lover of singing
Who dreams to live in a big Mansion
Creative and loving
Who fears Big Black spiders
Lover of Chocolate
Who would like to meet One Direction
Funny but a bit annoying
Who feels nice when you make someone laugh
Lover of School