Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My Soil Report

My Soil Report                                                    March 2012

After studying soil for the last few weeks we decided on 4 questions
and information we found out.

What is soil?

Soil is a mixture of loam and clay that has dead organic material in it such as dead bugs and dead leaves.The nutrients in the soil come from dead organic material.There are three types of soils of like clay. Clay soil is a type of soil that only holds water but not air. Loam soil is a type of soil that holds just the right amount of water and air. The last type of soil is sandy soil. Sandy soil hold lots of air but no water. You can find sandy soil in the desert or at the beach.
Did you know that there are different kinds soil made out of different kinds of rocks?

Why is soil important?

Soil  is important because soil helps all kinds of plants grow and it is important because it helps us too by growing vegetables and fruit for us to eat. Hummus in the soil helps the plants to grow  faster and better.

Is soil a habitat?

Yes, soil is a habitat for many invertebrates such as  earthworms and other  insects but there are some vertebrates that live in soil too, like moles and rabbits who dig their holes underground.