Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Name

This is a wordle picture.  I copied   my  name story on to Wordle. It is a web site that you can write a lot of stuff on it and it will make a beautiful picture. You  can do a different colours.First if you are trying to go on this web site you will have to 
1.Type in wordle on goggle.
2.When you're on wordle click on the word create.
3.Now type in what ever you want to type.
4.Now click on go and you will then have a beautiful picture like mine.

Monday, 7 May 2012

My Taonga

My Taonga is a necklace  that I got from my brother who got it from my uncle. I got this for my third  or second birthday.  My uncle's wife’s great grandfather carved this.  It is a beautiful heirloom and is a  very old  treasure to me.
I love this necklace and I will let no one touch it without my permission.This necklace shows me that my brother loves me because he was the only one out my brothers and sister who gave me this.

Koro's Gift

Koros Gift

Moko and his father drove to Koro’s house in Wainuiomata. Koro said he had something very special to show him.
At first, Moko ran to the door and was very excited when he looked through the glass door. He saw a bone carving lying on Koro’s tummy. Moko  rang the doorbell and Koro woke with a fright. Koro grabbed hold of the bone carving. He answered the door and said, “Kia ora  Moko. Have you come to stay with old koro?’’
“Yes I have come to stay with you for two whole weeks.’’  
Moko  was  thinking of a way to ask Koro if he could  wear the bone carving. When Moko finally fell asleep, he had a dream that the bone carving would get stolen.
 “ Argh!”
Koro came rushing .
“The bone carving has gone”
“No, no Moko. I don’t wear it at night. Go back  to sleep and get a good rest."
The next morning, Koro and Moko had breakfast and went down stairs to the basement. Moko saw lots of Maori greenstone and  bone carvings.
Koro gave a bone carving to Moko. It looked  just like Koro’s carving but smaller . Koro handed the carving to Moko and Moko thought to himself,  “Was this the one  he was saving for our family?” 
Moko didn't ask ,he just knew that he trusted him and only him.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Name Story

My name is Ateliana Fusi F. Ateliana  in English is Adriana. Adriana means musical or fun and a female from the gods in Greece. Greece is a country near Turkey. Turkey is where Gallipoli is and is where World War 1 took  place. My granddad  actually named me after his mother who is already dead but she still  is a great treasure to us. I was not going to be called anything else but I do know they were going to call me Ateliana Fusi from the start. 
Yes I love my name. I  don’t know why I like my name but I think it is a cool  name and has cool meaning.