Friday, 23 November 2012

Interview with Mrs Cooper

Good Morning,

Today I am interviewing  Mrs Cooper. She is the caretaker at our school Glenbrae Primary. We are asking people how their jobs involve caring for others.

Mrs Cooper can you tell us how your job is caring for the environment?

Answer:I do not put toxic substances through our waterway  system because they will contaminate our creek in Leybourne Circle Reserve. It will kill the tuna and insects  as this is their habitat. Also I’m keeping the garden weed free so it helps the plants grow to give oxygen.I also recycle the paper and cardboard to help the trees stay up more longer.

Do you think Glenbrae is a caring place to be?

Answer:Yes,Glenrae is a helping and caring place.The staff support one and another to teach the children to accomplish their goals and at the end of the day everybody is happy. If the children are not happy then the staff are not happy. Over all it is the children that make Glenbrae School a happy and safe place.


First Homeless Planet


Today 23/11/12 I was reading about the new planet that the sciences discovered that they call the First Homeless Planet. Scientists are now even more convinced that there are more homeless planets floating around in the atmosphere.
If you want to know more about this click here 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

E-ako Maths


In room ten at Glenbrae we have been going on e-ako maths.We have been learning about place value.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Maths whizz


I have been doing Maths Whiz.I have been doing addition and i have completed one of my activities.Maths Whiz is a fun Maths site that glenbrae room ten go on.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Transparent Soil

Sinctest have just discovered  that you can create transparent soil to spy on your plants roots as  it grows.Made by the team leader Lionel Dupuy  discovered this at the University research lab.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Maths Whizz

Maths Whizz

Maths Whizz is a Maths learning game that room ten has been playing.We have been practician our Place Values,our Subtraction and our Addition.Right now I have been practician on my addition this is web site is helping room ten to be good at their maths.On Maths Whizz we get credit's for every time that we get a questions right we earn like 30 credit's. 

Barack Obama

Yesterday Barack Obama was announced the President of United Staits of America for four more years.Yesterday Mr Obama made  a great big victory speech  and thanks for all the people to voted for him.
If you want to read more go to this link.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Guy Fawkers

Guy Fawkes is a man who tried to blow up the parliament 100s of years ago.He  had a group of friends. They called them selves.  The Gunpowder Plot. They all hated their King. .Guy Fawkes was very excited to blow the big parliament down but one of Guy Fawkes friends betrayed Guy Fawkes and went and told one of the guards.
"I will tell you something if you give me some gold." so the guard gave him some gold and  he told him  that Guy Fawkes was going to blow up the parliament so the guard told the King and the King got all his  soldiers. to go and capture Guy Fawkes. In the end they hanged him and killed him.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween Town

One Halloween my friends and I were going trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Down the street from us was an old deserted house that everyone thought was haunted. My mother said, "Don't you dare go near that house!" Naturally, her warning made us even more curious. We went to the house and rang the bell. There was no answer. We tried the door. It was unlocked, so we entered the house. The door slammed behind us and...  

We both turned our heads as fast as a cheetah running.We kept walking through the house and looking.This house was full of witches  brooms.We both walked into one of the rooms. We both looked around and found a bottle that had some green liquid in it. We heard a sound like someone was getting up so we both ran to the door but we were too late. The witch was already at the door. We tried to run but their costumes were in their way.

The witch ran like someone was chasing after her. She finally got near us. She put a spell on us. That spell was to freeze kids.When she got up to us, BAMMM! It sounded like the door.She ran to see what or who it was and there, standing in front of the witch, were our mothers. The which tried to run. Suddenly a massive BOOM! The witch was gone! The mothers ran to look for us. They found us frozen. They noticed a drink on the floor that was labelled 'unfreeze'. The mothers tipped it over us. We turned back to normal so we continued trick or treating.

By Keti F

Sandy the Huge Storm

Everyone is terrified waiting for Sandy the storm  to come.The storm is going to hit the North American east coast. People have been told to hop into their cars and travel to somewhere inland.People are wood blocking their windows so that when the storm hits, no glass will come into their house. People are so terrified, they are putting their kids in the cars, packing some food and some other stuff to help them moving out as fast as they can.BAM! BOOM! The wind is blowing everything down. It's loud but all the people of America care about is to get themselves and their families somewhere inland to safety.

By Keti