Monday, 19 March 2012

King of Tonga's lost

What a sad surprise!It was a really shocking  when i first heard that George Tupou 5 was in hospital  hopping  that he would get better.First he went to the hospital in Hong Kong he died because his liver was not working very well and if his liver did not work well then he will get piousness.Then some one gave there liver to the king but the kings body did not like the new liver and the liver did not work so King George Tupou 5 died.


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Liquid Amber leaf

Wow this is a dead leaf that is going to tern into soil and is going to help our environment.This leaf is a leaf from a Liquid Amber tree it a little bit looks like the leaf from the Canada flag .

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Soil is the best

Hi we have been learning about soil and hope you love my slide show of soil.

Lesson 1 Roots of Empathy

Today is Roots of Empathy with Ally Fulcher  roots of empathy is a program that is talking about love and how baby grow.First of all Ally pulled out a cuddly baby it was not a real baby we were just using it we all had a tern to hold the baby.  Ally drew a list of things that we  thought a baby will do at 3 moths old then we talked about what empathy meant and we all were saying stuff that we thought that meant empathy then she ally told us what empathy really meant being able to understand  how other people feel.Last of all we sang a little song and Mrs Boyer talk a video of us sing.