Friday, 25 September 2015

Maths Lesson.

Today we had a maths problem we had to solve. The maths problem was,

 Marilyn needs to fertilise her front lawn. It measures 20m x 35m. Each bag of fertilise that she plans to use covers approximately 200m2. How many bags should she buy?

My strategy was, 20m x 35m = 700m.  In each bag = 200m2. So if you buy 4 bags that is 800m2. But you need 700. If you half on of the bags in the 4 bags. You will have 100. 100 + 600 = 700m. She needs 3 1/2 bags of fertilise to cover her front lawn.

Today I learn't how to solve it with new strategies. Like place value partitioning.

My Nature Poem.

Feel the breeze of the wind blowing my hair everywhere.
Looking around seeing the birds soar through the clouds.
Trees as tall as the sky tower.
Pigeons sitting on the roof top looking down at us.
100 bare skeletons stuck in the field.
Everything so silent, only the sound of nature I hear.
As we lay on the hard blue sea, looking at the sky.
I think, what a beautiful world this is.