Thursday, 29 October 2015

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today after morning tea room 10 had Kiwi Can in room 11 with Mr Numia and Miss Tuia. Our theme in Kiwi Can is respect. First we started off with our energiser. Our energiser was an instruction game. We were split up in groups of 4-5. One person from a group was a leader, there job was to go up get instructions and tell the group. After our energiser we talked about Respect and what it is. Next we finally did our activity. Our activity was ‘Human knot’. Mr Numia separated the class into 2 groups. Human knot was very fun. My team had untangled ourselves easily. But the other team took for ages to untangle. Finally we were finished. We finished our session off with GKQ. Mr Numia gave us our points and then we said goodbye and came back to room 10.

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