Monday, 16 November 2015

Stardome Trip!

Glenbrae School's senior block visited stardome. Before we left to stardome, the whole senior block had Dance Fever. We had our session together because of the trip to stardome. After Dance Fever we boarded onto the bus, Room 7 and 8 had gone on 1 bus and Room 10 and 9 were seated on the other bus.

It took us a while to reach our destination, Stardome, but eventually we got there. First we all had our morning tea, then Room 7 and 8 went into Stardome first. While they went in my class room 10 and room 9 played outside to build time as room 7 and 8 were in there. We played on the park there, and on the field grass. We stayed outside for a long amount of time until Mrs Raj called us inside.

As we walked inside Stardome, it was very cool and dark, We walked past some cool pictures and displays on the walls. Mrs Raj then asked us students to please place our bags in the the cage. A man named Tim than introduced him self and he took us into the Space room. A whole lot of questions were asked by our students, to Tim. Tim was very smart and answered all our questions - well it's sort of his job to know everything about space.. right? - It went really well inside the space room, and everybody learn't a lot and at the same time had so much fun.

Next Tim said that we could have free time to look around at all the amazing displays. He gave us simple rules to follow and I think we all did great to follow them. Tim then came and opened a door to a room, we were going into the planetarium room to see the show. The show was very fascinating and I had learnt a lot about our galaxy.

I had so much fun at Stardome.